$120 of Food for Only $4.99! at HelloFresh

$120 of Food for Only $4.99! at HelloFresh

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UPDATE: THIS IS BACK WORKING, JUMP ON IT ASAP IF YOU WANT IT. We got a new link, if it stops working, let us know by reporting it. – WORKING AS OF 5/17/2024 (Direct Link)

HelloFresh has a new offer where you can claim meals for up to 4 people for 3 times a week and get them for FREE!

Thats 12 meals for FREE, all you have to do is pay for shipping which is $4.99. You know i may not very good at math but $120 worth of food for $4.99 is one heck of a deal.

This is what you should see

I have no clue how many people they let in for this and remember this is a subscription that you can cancel after you get your $120 worth of food for free. They sometimes disable this link when they have had too many sign ups, not sure why but it has happened in the past. If it’s not showing up at $4.99 then its not working.

How To Skip Future Orders

Remember, this is a subscription so after you get your $120 worth of meals, feel free to cancel it. We recommend you skip all future deliveries and see what you think of the service and if u then want to cancel then cancel.

Log into your account and look at the top bar and click the future dates and click “skip order” at the bottom. It will ask for a reason why and just say “Trying Service”.

Then after you skip your orders you will get a confirmation email and you should not be charged anything at all! And get your first order for FREE.

So why would they offer this for free?

For many reasons but we believe they are using this as a marketing promotion because they believe their service is worth it and by providing a free sample to people who would not otherwise try it might continue the service.


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