How to get FREE Nike Shoes/Clothes

How to get FREE Nike Shoes/Clothes

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You can get free Nike shoes and clothes by becoming a Nike product tester.

This is absolutely perfect for sports fans, or general nike fans. With this program you the chance to test Nike’s latest products for absolutely FREE!

How does it work?

As outlined in the image below its simple, they create a new product. You wear it, provide feedback, they make adjustments, you wear the new product and rinse wash repeat!

This is only Open to U.S. residents and non-NCAA athletes, with no financial information required. At no point are you asked for anything other than some general information like height, age, shirt size, pant size and shoe size. You can also apply for your kids!

After you apply and finish all the required questions you should see this page.

This is after applying online.

In order to get selected you must stay persistent with your applications, and if chosen, you have to provide feedback on the gear’s performance in order to continue with the program.

Depending upon how you choose to get notified you will either get a text message or an email saying you have been approved which will look like this.

This email will only be sent if you are approved!

Nike’s Product Testing Program is a straightforward and effective way to obtain free Nike gear. By applying, being persistent, and providing valuable feedback, you have the opportunity to experience the latest in Nike products without any cost. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Additional information

If you do become selected you must be aware of the do/don’t as outlined below.

This is the outline of what is acceptable when becoming an active product tester.

These are the rules of what you cant do and what you shouldn’t do as a product tester.

Ready to apply? Click the “Apply Button”.

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